In memoriam

This website is dedicated to the memory of Marie-Thérèse Danielsson, writer, environmentalist and anti-nuclear activist, committed to the emancipation of the Polynesian peoples together with her husband, Bengt, anthropologist and oceanist. More information...

Radio recordings

Jordi Canal-Soler, a friend of ours, brought to our attention some audio recordings available at the Australian National Library. These interviews were conducted by Hazel de Berg. Follow this link to hear Bengt and Marie-Thérèse Danielsson speak!


The Pacific Islands Monthly, colloquially known as PIM, was published in Australia from August 1930 to January 2000. This monthly is today an extraordinary record of events and tensions in the Great Ocean. You can download it here.

Gauguin in Tahiti

And in the Marquesas Islands. This is the seminal investigation that Bengt Danielsson conducted in the 1950s and 1960s in Tahti and especially in the Marquesas Islands "in the footsteps of Gauguin". Free download here.

Tahiti island tour

The first tour of the island of Tahiti. Points of interest from Papeete to Taravao. Outlooks, historical sites, beaches and restaurants around the island. Timeline of Tahiti's history. Take a tour of the island as if it was in 1976.


The Polynesian museum

This year, the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands - FARE MANAHA will be rebuilt. In the context of this news, we offer you this deep reflection by Bengt Danielsson written in 1966 for free download. Enjoy !

Two tributes

Two tributes by Bruno Barillot to Marie-Thérèse and Bengt Danielsson. A more personal tribute from the winner of the "Nuclear Free Future Award" and another tribute that was published in the catalog of the exhibition "Witnesses of the Bomb", DSCEN, Papeete 2011.


Colonial bomb

"Moruroa our colonial bomb". We can finally offer this key book as a free download. Here the Danielssons describe in detail the advent of nuclear testing in French Polynesia, the local political scene of the time, the decisions taken.

Kon-tiki Island

In 1953, Bengt and Marie-Thérèse Danielsson published their first book on Raroïa, the Tuamotu atoll where the Scandinavian sailors of the Kontiki expedition arrived six years earlier. To celebrate the 70th anniversary, we are making this mythical book available to you for free.

Moruroa mon amour

Published by editor Stock in 1974. We offer this book about forty years later as free download, without the introduction. The project of Marie-Thérèse and Bengt Danielsson was to propose an edition in Tahitian language.

Good to know

Most of our books are available as indexed PDF documents. So you can search for any word in each volume. This is very convenient especially for the great reference books that are the Memorial and Tahiti Autrefois

Photos and documents

This website offers unpublished photos and documents about the Danielsson family. For your convenience we have grouped them by themes in the section "Photo galleries".


Bengt and Marie-Thérèse in front of the Rainbow Warrior anchored in Papeete.

Jean Guiart's website

Jean Guiart was born in 1925 in Lyon and died in Tahiti in 2019. He was an anthropologist and oceanist, specialized in Melanesian peoples. On his website you will find interesting articles as well as his books for free download.