ua, u, u, u

u,  is a letter of frequent occurrence in Tahitian, and is pronounced as the English u in the words bull, full, &c. and oo in moon. [Dav : 9467]
u,  s. the name for milk.
— s. the breasts of any thing that gives milk.
— v.n. to be damp, moist, or wet.
— v.n. to touch, as a boat or ship on the rocks.
— v.a. to meet for encounter; to come face to face; to face danger.
— v.n. to prevail or conquer.
— v.a. to run against a thing.
— s. the name of a fish. [Dav : 9468] (note)
u,  s. pn. pa. lait; mamelle; tre humide, mouill; toucher (navire); l'emporter; se heurter contre; rencontrer, affronter. - Ra, contact, te uraa matamua, le premier contact, choc. [Jau :4944]