tuhuru tuia, tuiá

tui,  s. a disease of the ear.
— v.a. to pierce, make a hole or opening.
— v.a. to but, or impel; to strike with the head or horns, as a beast in fighting; to strike, smite with the hand.
— s. a part of a canoe.
— s. a certain prayer and ceremony on account of a deceased person, to prevent his soul returning and troubling the living; see aiaru.
— s. the hiccough.
— s. a section of a prayer, or song.
— s. a pestle; see penu.
— s. the name of a sort of spider.
— v.n. to spread, as a report; ua tui te roo, the fame is gone abroad.
— v.n. to be dividing, as midnight, which is called tui raa po.
— v.a. to beat or pound; see otui. [Dav : 9194] (note)
tui,  s. pa. mal d'oreille; hoquet; pilon; prière; percer, coudre; pousser; frapper, battre, broyer. [Jau :4764]
tuí,  p.n. se répandre (bruit); être à sa moitié, ia tuí te po, lorsqu'il sera minuit. [Jau :4765]