totitotaa totoa

toto,  s. blood; also juice or sap of plants, &c. [Dav : 9044] (note)
totô,  v.n. to shake as a fisherman's line when the fish bite. [Dav : 9045]
tôtô,  s. a net or bag for a calabash, in which it is carried about with water, &c. [Dav : 9046]
tôtô,  v.n. to pant, as two fowls when fighting; to make a noise, as a hen when her nest is disturbed; to rap with a finger, or strike a drum with a finger. [Dav : 9047]
toto,  s. pn. sang, sève; tremblotter; frapper d'un doigt le tambour; être essoufflé. [Jau :4651] (note)