titi, titî titiahorotia

titia,  s. short sticks used for fastening together the pieces of a canoe when building it.
— v.n. to drop, as water through the roof.
— s. the long beam on which the native women beat the bark for cloth making.
— v.n. to beat the bark for cloth making, on the beam titia.
— v.a. to kindle fire; see tutui.
— s. a mode of catching the small fry, called oma, used for a bait. [Dav : 8795]
titia,  s. pn. pa. bâtons qui amarrent les pièces d'un canot; bois où se bat l'étoffe; prise de frétin; dégoutter; se lever debout; battre l'étoffe; allumer le feu. [Jau :4517]