titete titia

titi,  s. a nail, pin or peg, a stake.
— s. a bundle of cocoanuts containing five mui, of four cocoanuts each.
— v.a. to pin or peg, to fasten with nails, or with stakes in the ground; see patiti.
— v.n. to stick fast, as a mote in the eye. [Dav : 8793]
titî,  s. a captive in war, a slave; a refugee. [Dav : 8794]
titi,  s. pa. pn. clou; cheville; pieu; épingle; clouer; ficher, fixer, enfoncer, rester fixé, prisonnier, réfugié, esclave. - Horia, réfugié, vagabond. - Vahaora, prisonnier vain qui ne sent pas sa position. [Jau :4516]