tatahuu tataino

tatai,  s. the shore, the beach; see tatahi.
— v.n. to tack. (A sea term.)
— s. the covering of matting, with which the ends of rafters in a Tahitian house are covered.
— v.a. to repair, as the thatch of a Tahitian house. [Dav : 8284]
tatâi,  v.a. to expel, or cast out a demon.
— v.n. to rehearse, or recapitulate the particulars of an argument.
— v.a. to fasten a line along the rafters of a house; to draw a line. [Dav : 8285]
ta taí,  p.n. faire par fractions. - Hoé, piti, un à un, chacun, deux à deux. [Jau :4204]
tatai,  pa. pn. exorciser; réparer; récapituler; tirer une ligne; virer de bord. [Jau :4205]