taputua taraehara

tara,  s. the horn of any beast.
— s. a thorn, or sharp point; a cock's spur.
— s. the corner or end of a house.
— s. the name of an instrument used to catch eels.
— s. the name of a disorder.
— s. a certain mode of enchantment.
— v.a. to use enchantments.
— v.a. to untie; see tatara. [Dav : 8181]
tarâ,  s. a remedy, some expedient used for deliverance, when in difficulty.
— v.n. to be recovered, and in a good condition, as the country in time of peace.
— v.n. to be saying a prayer, while the covering of a god was being untied. [Dav : 8182]
tara,  s. pa. pn. corne, épine, pointe, ergot; angle de maison; enchantement; user d'enchantement, dénouer; remède; être rétabli, en bon état. nouv. piastre, pièce de cinq francs. [Jau :4140] (note)