tapotu tapuae

tapu,  s. a restriction; the word is obsolete in Tahiti, though much used in some islands.
— a. sacred, devoted, but this sense is nearly obsolete in Tahiti, although retained in other dialects.
— s. an oath or a certain solemn engagement to perform, or not to perform certain things. This is called parau mate tapu.
— v.a. to bind one's self, or another person, with an oath to do, or not to do a thing; to adjure.
— s. a sacrifice to the god Oro, commonly a man killed for the purpose, but this tapu, or taputapu, was generally called ïa or fish. [Dav : 8153] (note)
tapû,  v.a. to chop, or cut down.
— s. a piece that is cut off. [Dav : 8154] (note)
tapu,  a. s. pa. sacré; prohibition; serment, voeu; jurer, faire serment de; sacrifice; hacher, couper; morceau coupé. [Jau :4123] (note)