tanuunuu taoa, tao

tao,  s. a spear used in war.
— s. a stick carried on the shoulder, with a bundle on each end.
— s. a cleft in a rock or in a tree.
— s. the leaves and stones with which the inside of a pig is stuffed, when baked in the native oven.
— a. baked, boiled, cooked.
— s. (takao, tekao) a word, speech, or saying.
— v.n. (takao) to speak; see parau.
— v.a. to bid, command, address. [Dav : 8034] (note)
t,  s. a species of bread-fruit. [Dav : 8035]
ta,  s. pn. parole; parler; ordonner (na). [Jau :4038]
tao,  s. a. lance; bois long pour porter des fardeaux; fente; crevasses, farce d'herbes et de pierres; cuit, bouilli. [Jau :4039]