tai, taí taiaha

taia,  s. grief, sorrow, heaviness.
— v.n. to be grieving, sorrowing. [Dav : 7883]
tai'a,  s. a fisherman. [Dav : 7884]
tai'a,  v.a. to fish by angling or otherwise. [Dav : 7885]
taia,  v.a. to smooth a garment or piece of cloth; to iron clothes. [Dav : 7886]
tâia,  v.n. to swoon, or faint; see hautaua.
— v.n. to die, from the supposed effect of eating without giving to the neighbours.
— v.n. to be alarmed. [Dav : 7887]
taia,  s. pn. pa. chagrin, affliction; s'affliger, craindre; être alarmé; tomber en défaillance; lisser, repasser (linge). [Jau :3954] (note)
ta iá,  s. pêcheur; pêcher. [Jau :3955]