ta taaa

taa,  s. the chin, or jaw-bone; see moitaa.
— s. the circular piece under the rafters of a Tahitian house, which joins them together.
— v.n. to fall from a rock, or a high place.
— v.n. to remove, as a thing out of its place, to separate, or slip off, or aside.
— v.n. to be single or separate, as unmarried persons.
— v.n. to be dismissed; to be set apart, or aside.
— a. separate; single, unmarried.
— a. settled, or dismissed, as the subject of a discourse; also let go. [Dav : 7686]
taá,  s. a. pn. menton, mâchoire; bois circulaire sous les chevrons; séparé, seul, non marié; déterminé, conclu; lâché; tomber; s'éloigner, être renvoyé, seul, mis de côté, non marié. - é, séparer; étrange. [Jau :3829]