rumarumapo rumia

rumi,  v.a. to wring, as cloth that had been washed.
— v.n. to turn over, or upset, as a canoe.
— v.a. to press and rub the limbs when weary, or in pain; see taurumi.
— v.n. to turn aside the eyes from looking at a person through dislike; to make a secret sign with the eyes, or by wrinkling the forehead. [Dav : 7628]
rumi,  pa. pn. tordre; verser, renverser; masser les membres; détourner l'oeil, cligner de l'oeil. - Huna, faire un signe secret de l'oeil. Rumirumi, pa. lisser, ôter les plis; masser le corps. [Jau :3801]