ro roaa, roaá

roa,  a. (loa, oa) long in measure, time, distance.
— a. in comparing qualities, it signifies a greater or longer degree.
— ad. thoroughly, completely, entirely.
an emphatic par. when joined to adverbs of negation it augments the emphasis, as aitaroa, not at all, by no means; e ore roa, never, at any future time, and still more emphatic, e ore ore roa atu, never, at no time whatever, the strongest assertion possible.
— s. a decayed breadfruit, or chesnut tree. [Dav : 7469] (note)
roâ,  s. a small tree, the bark of which is used like hemp for cordage, nets, &c. [Dav : 7470] (note)
roa,  a. ad. long; entièrement, parfaitement, bien, très, fort (après un mot). - Poto roa, très-court. - Poipoi roa, de très-grand matin. - E ore roa, jamais. [Jau :3724] (note)
roá,  s. corde de roá. [Jau :3725]