re reaaro

rea,  s. the yolk of an egg.
— s. (lea, renga, Malay, halea,) ginger, turmeric.
— s. a fathom; sometimes used for umi, or ten fathoms; see etaeta.
—  used in composition with aore, or aita, as an adverb. aitarea. - seldom, rarely, or not much.
— s. (Spanish real) the eighth of a dollar. [Dav : 7310] (note)
rea,  s. jaune d'oeuf; brasse, dix brasses. [Jau :3634]
reá,  s. ad. gingembre; parfaitement, entičrement. - Aita reá, peu, rarement (pas parfaitement). [Jau :3635] (note)