r raa, râa, raá

,  s. (la, a,) the sun; also a day; see mahana. [Dav : 7108] (note)
ra,  ad. of time or place, implying distance with reference to either, as, te parau ra, which according to circumstances, signifies either, he is speaking there, at such a place, or was then speaking. [Dav : 7109] (note)
ra,  an affix to the word atu, iho, and mai; thus atura, ihora, and maira, with relation to either time or place. [Dav : 7110] (note)
,  s. an ornament in the marae; see unu. [Dav : 7111]
,  conj. but, as for, vau râ, as for me, outou râ, but you. It is pronounced with emphasis; see area. [Dav : 7112]
ra,  s. soleil, jour, conj. mais, quant à (après le mot). ra, adv. là, alors (sert à marquer, après les mots, l'éloignement de lieu, et le temps passé. Il peut quelquefois comme na, être un repos euphonique après une syllabe longue et finale : mai ra). [Jau :3500] (note)