puoura pup‚ ivi

pupa,  s. a cold shivering in the commencement of a disease.
— v.n. to be shivering, as in a fit of the ague.
— v.n. to be flapping, as the sails of a ship when there is a calm; and pupapupa is the repetition of it.
— v.n. to be desiring the other sex. [Dav : 6942]
pup‚,  s. a tuft of feathers on the top of the mast used in the Tahitian sailing canoes.
— s. the blossom of certain trees that grows in bunches, or tufts, as the tamanu, ahia, vi, &c. [Dav : 6943]
pupa,  s. pn. frisson (fiŤvre); grappe de fleurs; frissonner; Ítre en chaleur; battre (voile). - Ivi, consternation ŗ la mort d'un guerrier. [Jau :3405]