puaviriviri puea

pue,  s. a heap or hillock of earth, as pue umara. [Dav : 6841]
pue,  v.a. to heap up earth or mould, in order to plant any thing in it.
— a. denoting a plurality, as pue taata, men, usually two in number; pue arii, the royal party, or principal chiefs; pue raatira, the inferior chiefs collectively; pue mea, a collection of things. Vai pue, is a collection of water from many streams, or a flood.
— v.n. to be brought together, or to be collected, as goods, or various things; see haapue. Ua pue te vahie, the fuel is collected, [Dav : 6842]
pué,  s. pa. pn. foule, réunion, amas; entasser la terre pour y planter; être ramassé, réuni. [Jau :3347] (note)