pua, puâ, puá puaaaipapati

puaa,  s. (puaka) the general name for the swine species; and perhaps the name will apply to all the larger animals that have hoofs, whether cloven or not, and that the term uri, may be applied to all other quadrupeds that have claws, except the mouse, rat, &c. [Dav : 6775]
puaa,  v.n. to be enlarged, as the abdomen, either in health or by disease. [Dav : 6776]
puââ,  a. mouldy, as food.
— s. mould. [Dav : 6777]
puaá,  s. porc. - Maóhi, Maori, cochon. - Niho, chèvre. - Toro, boeuf. - Horo fenua, cheval. - Tapena, ahoape, victime. - Oehamu, tafetii, taipito, fête de famille, repas avec porcs cuits. - Aipapati, mangeant où il est attaché. - Fatoi, porc mangé par tous les membres d'une famille. - Miti, lard salé. [Jau :3312] (note)
puaa,  s. a. pn. moisissure, moisi; s'élargir. [Jau :3313]