pu puaa, pu, pua

pua,  s. (buna, bunga, Malay bunga) the coral rock.
— s. a disease accompanied with a swelling and an abcess.
— s. the name of a tree bearing fragrant yellow flowers; see hauou. The blossom of that tree.
— s. a shrub bearing yellow berries, which is used as a medicine.
— s. the head of the Dolphin fish.
— s. soap of any kind. [Dav : 6771]
pua,  v.a. to wash with soap; to rub or scour with a piece of coral. [Dav : 6772]
pua,  s. the person that scours or washes. [Dav : 6773]
pu,  v.n. to blossom, as reeds, bamboos, &c.
— s. the blossom of reeds, sugar cane, &c. [Dav : 6774]
pu,  s. corail, chaux; clou, bubon, abcs. [Jau :3310]
pua,  s. pa. pn. savon, laver, fleur, fleurir. [Jau :3311]