pouturi pua, puâ, puá

pu,  s. a conch shell; a trumpet.
— a. young, as fruit.
— s. the conclusion of a thing.
— s. the middle or centre.
— s. a cluster of small trees, shrubs, or grass. This is pu aihere.
— s. the head of the fee, or cuttle fish.
— s. the bottom of a cascade.
— s. the interior of a country.
— v.n. to be obtained, as the object of one's desire; to be gratified; to be completed, or terminated, as the upaupa, or play, ua pu te upaupa, the upaupa is terminated. [Dav : 6770] (note)
pu,  s. a. pn. coquillage, trompette; conclusion, fin; milieu, centre; intérieur, fond, base, partie moyenne, ventre, jeune, non műr. Etre obtenu, satisfait, terminé, complet. [Jau :3309] (note)