pohara pohehae

pohe,  s. death; also hurt, injury, sickness, see mate.
— v.n. to die, to be ill, or diseased, to be hurt.
— v.n. to be foiled in an argument; see mate.
— v.n. to perish, or to be punished for ever.
— v.n. to be affected with jealousy. [Dav : 6653]
pohe,  s. pn. mort, maladie, contusion, malheur, chagrin, mourir, être malade, blessé, rétorqué, jaloux, convoiter. - Roa, mort. - I te maí, malade. - I te poia, avoir faim. - , mort de faim, famine. [Jau :3237] (note)