peue pia

pi,  s. the custom of prohibiting the use of a word or syllable, which had become sacred by it having been adopted as the whole or part of the name of some chief, when another word or syllable was substituted in its place; as rui for po, and hota for mare, as these two words formed the name of the late king Pomare.
— s. young, or unripe, as fruit; immature.
— a. ignorant, unskilful.
— v.n. to be grown as the tusks of a boar. [Dav : 6508]
pi,  a. s. ignorant; vert, jeune, prohibition d'un mot consacré comme nom du roi. (Cette coutume a défiguré la langue tahitienne, parce qu'il a fallu remplacer les mots prohibés. Po est devenu rui; mare, hota; vai, pape; hou, ápi; tu, tiá; mate, pohe). [Jau :3149] (note)