patutu paua

pau,  vp. consumed, expended. It is often joined to another passive verb, such as, pau te amuhia, it is consumed by eating, or having been eaten. [Dav : 6391] (note)
pau,  v.n. to be in a state of conquest, or expenditure.
— a. conquered.
— s. the white scurf in the hair of the head. [Dav : 6392]
pâu,  s. a place of shallow water. [Dav : 6393]
pau,  s. a woman who is prolific.
— v.a. to splash the water at one another, as children when bathing. [Dav : 6394]
pau,  s. a. pn. pa. écailles de la tête; haut fond; conquis; être consommé; être conquis, achevé, annihilié, s'arroser mutuellement. [Jau :3067] (note)