patoto patua

patu,  s. a cocoanut used by way of divination by breaking the shell and casting it into the sea, accompanied with prayers offered by the priest, to know the fate of war or peace. Also a cocoanut used by fishermen with prayers, &c. that the gods might give them success in fishing. [Dav : 6368]
patu,  s. a stone wall, perhaps from poatu, or pofaku, or pohaku, a stone in the other dialects; the Malay for stone, is, batu, or patu, and the Fijian, vatu. [Dav : 6369] (note)
patu,  v.a. to build with stone, as the wall of a marae. [Dav : 6370]
patu,  s. a little wooden mallet. [Dav : 6371]
patu,  s. a species of bread-fruit. [Dav : 6372]
patu,  s. a subdivision of a district. [Dav : 6373]
patu,  v.a. to repulse, or keep off, to push back. [Dav : 6374]
patu,  v.n. to cease to flow, applied to the menses. [Dav : 6375]
pātu,  v.a. to nourish, or nurse a sick person. [Dav : 6376]
patu,  s. pa. pn. muraille en pierres; maillet en bois; subdivision de district; bātir; refuser, rejeter, repousser; nourrir, soigner, frapper avec un maillet; cesser de couler (flux de sang), famille, tribu, classe, état. [Jau :3059]