paruu pataa

pata,  s. a scorpion, of which there are a few in Tahiti. [Dav : 6292]
pata,  s. a spot. [Dav : 6293]
pata,  s. an insect found in the thatch of houses, and whose noise in striking the thatch indicates war. [Dav : 6294]
pata,  s. a cocoanut that was split whilst the priest prayed for success in fishing. [Dav : 6295]
pata,  v.a. to strike, as the insect pata does with its tail; to snap with the finger and thumb upon any thing; to strike smartly with the finger. [Dav : 6296]
pata,  s. pa. scorpion; souillure; fromage; beurre; battre, pincer. [Jau :3023] (note)