papahuaa papai au, papaiau

papai,  v.a. to strike, beat, chastise; see tata. [Dav : 6122] (note)
papai,  v.a. to write. [Dav : 6123] (note)
papai,  v.a. to recite a tale; see ta. [Dav : 6124]
papai,  v.a. to mark the skin with the tatau. [Dav : 6125]
papai,  v.a. to make, and use a net; see upea. [Dav : 6126]
papai,  v.a. to make a fish hook, work at house building, making a canoe or a boat; to chop fire wood, &c. [Dav : 6127]
papai,  v.a. to play as children in their game of papai raa pohue. [Dav : 6128]
papai,  s. a species of plantain. [Dav : 6129]
papai,  s. a rod, or weapon to strike with. [Dav : 6130]
papaí,  s. pa. verge, arme; châtier, battre; écrire; tatouer; raconter une histoire; faire un filet, un hameçon, etc. [Jau :2943] (note)