panu paoa

pao,  s. a meteor, commonly called a shooting star. [Dav : 6062]
pao,  v.a. to seize or snatch suddenly, as a dog does a piece of meat. [Dav : 6063]
pao,  s. the name of a fish. [Dav : 6064]
pao,  v.a. to dig, excavate or hollow out a piece of timber or a stone; to dig out a hollow place; to beat or bruise the bark of a tree that the sap may run out. [Dav : 6065] (note)
pao,  v.a. to strike and lacerate the head with sharks teeth, as was formerly the custom of the women in token of grief, or affection. [Dav : 6066]
pao,  s. pa. étoile filante, météore; saisir vivement; excaver, creuser; se lacérer la tête (deuil). [Jau :2914]