paave piripou paea

pae,  s. side, part, division, or dividend. [Dav : 5882] (note)
pae,  s. a block, stone, or any thing put under to fix and support the joists under a floor, sill, threshhold, &c. [Dav : 5883]
pae,  s. the uncastrated male of animals. [Dav : 5884]
pae,  v.n. to drift, go to leeward, as a boat, ship, &c. [Dav : 5885]
pae,  a. s. pn. cinq, division, parti, côté; mâle, dériver, soutien, seuil, lambourde, sablière. - Avae, marchepied. [Jau :2814] (note)