p paa

pa,  s. a term of reverence answering to father, and commonly used by children in addressing their father, and common people their chief; see patea. [Dav : 5823] (note)
pa,  s. a fence or hedge; see patia. [Dav : 5824] (note)
pa,  s. a small enclosed place sacred to the young king or chief; also such a place sacred to the use of the upaupa dancers. [Dav : 5825]
pa,  v.a. to give, or bestow; see horoa. [Dav : 5826]
,  a. barren, as a woman that had ceased to bear children. [Dav : 5827]
pa,  s. clôture; fortification, séparation, palissade, mur, haie. pa. donner, accorder. a. stérile. int. père ! [Jau :2788] (note)