oteu otia, otiŠ

oti,  v.a. to cut, as with a knife. [Dav : 5732]
oti,  v.n. to be done, or finished; see faaoti. [Dav : 5733] (note)
otÓ,  v.n. to recoil, as a gun or cannon after explosion. [Dav : 5734]
otÓ,  s. a fowl of variegated feathers. [Dav : 5735]
otÓ,  s. the cry of the bird otatare over a person, which was supposed to be ominous of death. [Dav : 5736]
oti,  s. pa. pn. prťsage de mort; couper; finir; reculer, rebondir. [Jau :2743]