oroio oromatua ai aru

oromatua,  s. the skull of a dead relative preserved, as was formerly the custom. It was wrapped up in cloth, and at certain times, (such as a case of sickness, &c.,) it was produced, when the priest made prayers to the Oromatua, in the po or night, for the restoration of the sick. [Dav : 5655]
oromatua,  s. the ghosts of the dead, who were supposed to be transformed into a sort of inferior gods, but of a malevolent disposition, and therefore prayers were addressed to them to coax them from doing mischief. [Dav : 5656] (note)
oromatua,  s. crâne d'un parent; esprit des morts. - Ai aru, nihoniho roroa, esprit qui vient tuer et manger les vivants. [Jau :2700]