opuvera oraa

ora,  s. life, salvation, health; a Saviour, deliverer. [Dav : 5578]
ora,  v.n. to live, to be healed; to be saved, or delivered. [Dav : 5579] (note)
ora,  a. live, or alive, in opposition to pohe, dead. [Dav : 5580]
ora,  s. a wedge; the wrench used in fixing pieces of a canoe together.
— v.a. to wrench, or put tight together pieces of a canoe. [Dav : 5581]
ora,  s. pn. pa. vie, salut, santé; vivre, être délivré, convalescent; coin; crochet; tordre, serrer ensemble les pièces d'un canot. [Jau :2664] (note)