opaopa opapa tohe io ore

opapa,  s. the name of a species of crab. [Dav : 5498]
opapa,  s. the name of a sort of lobster. [Dav : 5499]
opapa,  s. a fowl that has lost its tail. [Dav : 5500]
opapa,  v.n. to triumph over an opponent. [Dav : 5501]
opapa,  v.n. to lie flat, or in a horizontal position. [Dav : 5502]
opâpâ,  s. the name of a certain spotted cloth; also a bale. [Dav : 5504]
opapa,  s. pn. pièce d'étoffe; poule sans queue; l'emporter; couché à plat. [Jau :2628] (note)