opahi peue opaipai

opai,  s. a young pig, or other animal of a few months old. [Dav : 5487]
opai,  a. unripe, as taro; see ovaivai. [Dav : 5488]
opai,  s. the young banana before it bears large leaves; the young bamboo. [Dav : 5489]
opai,  s. weariness, soreness, and weakness of the thighs, as from a long journey, or in the case of a pregnant woman. [Dav : 5490]
opai,  v.n. to drift to leeward; see opae. [Dav : 5491]
opai,  v.n. to turn aside a little; see opae. [Dav : 5492]
opai,  s. a. pn. fatigue, douleur de jambes; jeune qui se peut passer de mère; rejeton bon à planter; se tourner de côté, se détourner; dériver. [Jau :2624]