oovi opaa

opa,  s. a wicked careless person that attends to no good. [Dav : 5473]
opa,  s. a corner, as of a room. [Dav : 5474]
opa,  a. wearied, as the limbs by a long walk. [Dav : 5475]
opa,  v.n. to be wearied, fatigued, as a traveller. [Dav : 5476]
opa,  v.n. to sail close to the wind. [Dav : 5477]
opa,  a. on one side; leaning on one side.
— v.n. to be on one side; to lean greatly to one side, as a boat, canoe, or ship. [Dav : 5478]
opa,  s. a. pn. angle; méchant; fatigué; être sur le côté; incliné sous le vent. [Jau :2618] (note)