oono oopa

ooo,  s. anger, displeasure, internal grief.
— v.n. to be provoked, irritated, much displeased. [Dav : 5442] (note)
ooo,  s. a top, or whirligig. [Dav : 5443]
ooo,  s. the burning rays of the sun when falling upon a person.
— a. burning, applied to the rays of the sun. [Dav : 5444]
ooo,  v.n. to turn, as a top, whirligig, &c. [Dav : 5445]
ooo,  a. cutting, as speech; sweet, luscious, as food. [Dav : 5446]
ooo,  s. a. pn. colère, mécontentement; toupie; rayons brûlants; incisif; brûlant, mielleux; être irrité; pirouetter. [Jau :2602]