onivaniva onoaraiava

ono,  a. number six in counting; see fene. [Dav : 5395] (note)
ono,  s. the name of a large savage fish. [Dav : 5396] (note)
ono,  s. an avenger of blood. [Dav : 5397]
ono,  v.a. to fix one's affection on another person. [Dav : 5398]
ono,  v.a. to exchange one thing for another; to join one piece to another. [Dav : 5399]
ono,  s. a substitute; see mono. [Dav : 5400]
ono,  s. a. pa. six; vengeur; substitut, successeur; échanger, substituer; unir, affectionner. [Jau :2580] (note)