ohutu oia, oiâ, oïa

oi,  v.a. to knead, applied to dough, mahi, &c. [Dav : 5256]
oi,  v.a. to mingle different substances, by working with the hand in a dish. [Dav : 5257]
oi,  v.n. to turn, as in steering a boat; see tioi. [Dav : 5258]
oi,  a. sharp, as the edge of a tool; see faaoi. [Dav : 5259]
oi,  ad. indeed, really; e mea maitai oi ra, a good thing really, or indeed. [Dav : 5260]
oi,  ad. had like to be, nearly been, as oi pohe matou i tua, we were nearly, or likely to have been lost at sea; oi ore ta tatou oi naupa, we were nearly disappointed in obtaining. [Dav : 5261]
oi,  ad. while, or whilst, oi vai ae te ao, whilst it is day. [Dav : 5262]
oi,  conj. lest, for fear that, e ara oi vare outou, beware lest you be deceived. [Dav : 5263]
oi,  a. aiguisé, aigu, agile. ói. [Jau :2509]
oi,  p.a. pétrir; mêler; tourner, virer. [Jau :2510]
oi,  ad. presque, sur le point de; pendant que, tant que. Oi pohe oia, il faillit périr (presque il périt). [Jau :2511] (note)
oi,  conj. afin que ne, de peur que. A rave oi pohe, obéissez de peur de mourir. [Jau :2512]