ohôu, o hou ohua

ohu,  s. a cloud settled on the top of the mountains. [Dav : 5242]
ohu,  s. a bank, or ridge of earth thrown up. [Dav : 5243]
ohu,  s. a bundle of some food tied up, and baked in the native oven; see puohu. [Dav : 5244] (note)
ohu,  v.n. to bend downwards, as a branch of a tree; to stoop, as an elderly person. [Dav : 5245]
ohu,  v.n. to twirl round, as a wheel. [Dav : 5246]
ohu,  s. pn. tas de terre; nue sur les collines; montagnes; être courbé, penché; tourner, rouler; lier en paquets. [Jau :2504] (note)