ohetuna ohie

ohi,  s. young plants or shoots, as of meia, fei, &c. [Dav : 5202]
ohi,  v.a. to gather fragments; to glean, pick up firewood, or any small things. [Dav : 5203] (note)
oh,  s. the dysentery; see h. [Dav : 5204]
oh,  v.n. to gush out, as water, or any liquid. [Dav : 5205]
ohi,  s. a disease, red spots on the skin. [Dav : 5206]
ohi,  s. pa. pn. dyssenterie; rejeton de plante; glaner, cueillir; jaillir. - Pape, jet d'eau. - Tapere, cascade. - Teitei, haute cascade. [Jau :2489]