ofafai ofaiarâ

ofai,  s. a general name for a stone as used at present in the Tahitian dialect. In some of the dialects toka is a stone, hence the Tahitian to'a; in others moka, which is near toka; others have pahaku, or vatu, and hence probably the Tahitian patu for a stone wall. [Dav : 5150]
ofai,  s. the testes of male animals. [Dav : 5151]
ofai,  s. ofafai, pierre. - Ara, pierre très-dure. - Ata, pierre lancée, nouveau venu. - Paiaia, pierre très-polie. Ofaifai, plein de pierres. - Tere, pierre-ponce. - Tapute, mitraille. - Pupuhi, balle, boulet. [Jau :2469] (note)