o oaatoa

,  s. the name of an aquatic bird. [Dav : 5105]
oa,  s. the ribs or timber of a boat or ship; the timber of a little house placed on a canoe and called fare oa. Such a house on a sacred canoe was described by Captain Cook as the ark of the covenant, but to which it had no relation. [Dav : 5106]
,  s. the name of a god, seen only at night; it was said to be black, and was also called Hivari. [Dav : 5107]
oa,  v.a. to paint black; to pitch or tar a vessel; to daub or besmear in an irregular manner. [Dav : 5108]
oa,  s. joy, gladness; see oaoa.
— v.n. to be glad or rejoice. [Dav : 5109]
oa,  s. pn. allégresse; être joyeux. [Jau :2444] (note)
oa,  s. membrure, bordage; noircir, goudronner. [Jau :2445] (note)