nohu noiati

noi,  s. the knot of a tree. [Dav : 5049]
noi,  v.n. outdone, cowed, silenced. [Dav : 5050]
noi,  a. knotty, tough, durable; also obstinate. [Dav : 5051]
noi,  a. mellow, fat; free from stones, applied to a piece of ground. [Dav : 5052]
nôi,  s. a savage, wickedly designing person, [Dav : 5053]
noi,  v.n. to be unable to get forward, as a boat or canoe rowing against the wind; to fall, as the paper kite on the breaking of the string; to hang back. [Dav : 5054] (note)
noi,  s. a. pn. noeud du bois; sauvage; surpassé, réduit au silence, obstiné, dur, raboteux. [Jau :2414]