nitiniti niufiti

niu,  s. a general name for the cocoanut tree. [Dav : 5021] (note)
niu,  s. a foundation; the first row of stones in a wall. [Dav : 5022]
niu,  s. a native spear, being commonly made of the niu or cocoanut tree; also the side of a piece of timber well adzed. [Dav : 5023]
niu,  s. the wake of a ship, boat, or canoe; the track of large fishes. [Dav : 5024]
niu,  v.n. to run as a canoe or boat, after the rowers had ceased rowing. (a sea term.) [Dav : 5025]
niu,  v.n. to excel, as a cock in fighting; applied also to a courageous warrior. [Dav : 5026]
niu,  s. an appearance of the sky, taken as a sign of some unfavourable event. [Dav : 5027]
niu,  s. pn. cocotier; fondement, fondation; sillage d'un canot; l'emporter. [Jau :2405] (note)