nanuvai naoa

nao,  ad. thus, in this way or manner. [Dav : 4892] (note)
nao,  s. [Gr. naos,] a temple. [Dav : 4893] (note)
nao,  v.a. to take up, as food, by little and little; to eat repeatedly, going and returning to the same food. [Dav : 4894]
nao,  s. a sort of fly or insect. [Dav : 4895]
nao,  s. nouv. temple; pa. prendre, manger en y revenant. [Jau :2336]
naˇ,  p.n. dire, parler. Na ˇ, par lÓ, ainsi. [Jau :2337] (note)