me mee

mea,  s. a thing, a person, any thing mentioned. [Dav : 4502]
mea,  subst. pron. o mea, such a one, when the person is not named, ia mea, by, with, or to such a one. [Dav : 4503]
mea,  v.a. to do, a word used as a convenient substitute instead of naming the action. [Dav : 4504]
me‚,  v.n. to be red, as the skin after eating fish that is poisonous, or very stale.
— s. the redness of the skin when affected by eating stale or poisonous fish. [Dav : 4505]
mea,  s. pro. p. objet, chose; un tel, (choser) faire. [Jau :2136] (note)
meŠ,  p.n. Ítre rouge. [Jau :2137]