mauhonoa mauifaatere

maui,  s. an old cocoanut tree that is nearly bare, and has ceased bearing; see maua. [Dav : 4463] (note)
maui,  s. the name of some religious ceremony. [Dav : 4464]
mâui,  s. the name of a certain prophet, or wise man, mentioned in Tahitian traditions.*
{\fs22* Mâui was a Priest, but afterwards deified, he being at one time engaged at the marae, and the sun getting low while his work was unfinished, he laid hold of the hihi, or sun rays, and stopped his course for some time. [Dav : 4465]}
maui,  v.n. to be in a pet, or fit of anger, on account of disappointment in food, &c. [Dav : 4466]
maui,  p.n. être désappointé, vexé. [Jau :2115]