mahoru mahuatoa

mahu,  s. a mist of fog on the hills; a low cloud. [Dav : 3905]
mahu,  v.n. to be in a contented state of mind, to endure; see haamahu. [Dav : 3906]
mahu,  a. meek, not irritable; see mamahu. [Dav : 3907]
mahu,  v.n. to be growing, springing up, as the seed that had been sown. [Dav : 3908]
mahu,  s. the name of a mess of food of grated taro, &c. [Dav : 3909]
mahu,  v.n. to cease or stop; see mono; to be quenched as thirst, satisfied as desire. [Dav : 3910]
mahu,  s. pn. a. nuage, brouillard; doux; patient; germer; cesser; Ítre satisfait. [Jau :1855]