mahomahoâ, mahomahoa mahorahora

mahora,  s. a low fence enclosing the court yard; the space between the fence and the house. [Dav : 3894] (note)
mahora,  s. a small island or islet; a modern name that took its rise, apparently, from the circumstance of the late king Pomare II having his mahora, or court, on the small island Motuuta, in Papeete Bay. [Dav : 3895]
mahora,  v.n. to appear fine and clear, as the sky after cloudy and dark weather. [Dav : 3896]
mahora,  v.n. to be spread out as cloth, or any thing opened and spread; see haamahora.
— v.n. to be opened, unravelled, as a subject. [Dav : 3897] (note)
mahora,  a. even, level, smooth, fair and open. [Dav : 3898]
mahora,  s. cour. pn. être clair, déployé, expliqué, uni, nivelé. [Jau :1852]